Saturday, 11 June 2011


Today is the day! I'm picking up Saartje in a few hours time. Can't wait!!

Thursday, 2 June 2011


The latest news is that Saartje will fly to Holland on the 11th of June.
Fingers crossed!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Cats and Dogs

For as far as I can remember there have always been animals in my life. Cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats.
My mom always took in animals she felt needed a safe home. Around when I was born she took in cat Speedy, who was being abused by people she knew, and when I was older and after Speedy died, she took in Cyrano, a mutated uber-large kitten they found on the shipyard where she worked, and then Liselot, a kitten that was way too young to be parted from her mother, so she always stayed too small, especially compared to Cyrano.
Add the occasional rodent and rabbit, and there you have the zoo I grew up in.

My mom inherited this love for animals from her parents (who were farmers, as were those before them), and her sister who I remember at one point had over 10 cats, chickens, budgies, a dog and a parrot (AND a husband and 3 kids). So no surprise there, that I love animals more than I love most humans.

When I moved to my own place I took in Proppie, an underweight and previously molested cat, who later turned out to be diabetic as well, which means he needs a lot of care and 2 daily shots of insulin, and besides him, I am now the proud surrogate mom of 2 rabbits (one of whom also came out of the shelter at the respectable age of 10), 2 rats, and a dozen of fish.

Now you might think that's enough to make any pet lover happy.

Well actually, thing's missing in this list if you ask me! And that's...a dog! I've wanted a dog for so long, but wasn't sure that a dog could go with my cat. And I'm still not sure, but I decided to adopt an elderly dog from a shelter anyway, in the hope they'll love each other as much as I love them...

Easier said than done though, since no shelter was willing to let one live with me since I work 39 hours a week. In my opinion a safe and loving home, even if I work full time, is way better then a shelter, but no one seemed to agree with me.

So when I saw Saartje (prev. Dolly) on the internet at a foundation who tries to find good homes for dogs in Spanish shelter's which are way too full, and dogs (and cats) risk being put down once there is no room left, I decided to put myself forward and asked if I could adopt her.

Again they weren't too sure at first because of my working hours, but when I convinced them (and my mom) that my mom would walk Saartje every day at noon, they wanted to have a personal chat with me to see me in real life, and feel my energy so to speak...and then they gave me the greatest news: they thought I was a great pet owner and I was allowed to adopt!

Now I have to wait for approx. a month before Saartje is sterilized etc and flies to Holland. A month!
I can't wait, and I just hope Proppie will be as exited as I am when she's here. Just a few more weeks...